Wacky Wednesday

We all know some days are just wacky. It’s a story about a kid on how everything is wacky on one Wednesday. Kids will  have fun finding wacky things in illustrations to make it more fun. Even the Cat in the Hat logo is wacky on the cover. It is fun book to read and kids will enjoy somethings are just wacky some days.

Excerpts from the book

I began to dress. Then I said, “WOW!”

Four more things were wacky now!

I looked in the kitchen.

I said “By cracky! Five more things are very wacky!”.


Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss is a book that you will fall in love along with your kids. It has big text words and three word sentences. Kids will carry it along for very long time. It will be one of their favorite book. I love the way the book is organized with independent big words and small sentences starts at 3 word sentences that corresponds to pictures. It is a great resource for early readers to get hooked. It can also be read to younger kids probably as young as 1 or 2 years old. I would recommend board book for younger kids and regular one for kids after three years. Board book has less pages to make it handy for small kids as the regular size 9.3″ long has 65 pages.

Excerpt from the book

CUP PUP …Pup in Cup

PUP CUP …Cup on Pup

DAY PLAY…We play all day

NIGHT FIGHT…We fight all night